Who we are

GENAiA is a meeting point for companies and experts to share experiences and knowledge on how to use the latest innovations in Generative AI in the most efficient and responsible way.We are a space where ideas are disseminated, exchanged, and debated freely.

We approach the field of Generative AI from three perspectives: technology, society, and business. We seek to understand the technology in order to predict its impact on society and suggest ways in which businesses and governments can use generative AI to their benefit, but in an ethical and sustainable way.

We aspire to be the center of a rich and nuanced debate, guiding the conversation and decisions from a place of a deeper and more meaningful understanding of Generative AI, connecting the cutting edge technology and innovation with its practical application.

At GenAiA, we start from the conviction that Generative Artificial Intelligence will change the world and our society as we know it today. Therefore our mission is to ensure that wherever we operate, local companies and individuals are among the first in the world to benefit from this disruption, but in an ethical and sustainable way without increasing social inequality.

Examine the latest developments in Generative AI: from cutting-edge technologies to novel use cases. In doing so, we aim to provide valuable insights into the state of the field.

Act as experts to achieve a balanced regulation which, on the one hand, encourages innovation and disruption, and, on the other hand, protects against abuses.

Encourage innovation in startups that are drivers of global improvement and wealth generation.

Study the social impact and ethical dimensions of Generative AI. As AI increasingly shapes our world, we strive to facilitate informed discussions, encourage responsible AI practices, and propose ethical guidelines for its application.

Create opportunities for meaningful collaboration between global and local companies pioneering generative AI applications, Spanish public administration, government, agencies, and the society.

Guide and encourage companies to use Generative AI technology in an efficient and innovative way.

Connect leading experts in the field with business executives.

Diversity and inclusivity across roles, profiles, ages and genders.

More than 30% women
Age range: profiles from 20 to 65 years old

Diversity of roles: from developers, data scientists, consultants, sales people, technology managers, company managers, etc.

Future objectives: 
Higher concentration of companies using and creating these technologies to create value.

More startups that use generative AI as core or create this technology.

Top advocate and promoter of this technology in the Spanish-speaking world.

Highest concentration of technical experts in AI and specifically in Generative AI.

Today we have 17 companies and 31 experts. From large companies to startups

Agnosticism and neutrality to technologies, vendors, political positioning,

No large vendor or business group with control of the association.