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Discussion forum

GENAIA creates open spaces for dialogue around  their Working Groups where all the Associates participate (large, small and medium businesses)

Event participation

The Association organises the largest Generative AI summit in Europe. In addition, we organize two global events per geographical area and one sectoral event every three months. Our associates have the possibility of sponsoring these events in better conditions, participating in presentations.

Relationship with the regulators

The Association transfers the agreed positions and opinions to the different parliamentary groups and governments (Spanish, European and Latin American) to influence the creation of a legal framework that favors the interests of our associates, while preserving an ethical use of Generative AI.

Strategic alliances

GENAIA works to strengthen relationships and establish alliances with organizations and professional colleges in different strategic sectors such as Legal, Education and Technology among others.

Access to information

An exclusive information channel and access to external news of greater relevance as well as sector news outlets and access to start ups related to IA.