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4 April


The fifth session will be held at Ecija’s offices where Carlos Rivadulla will speak on “The regulation of AI, from risk to profit”.
In addition we will also have Óscar Méndez, President of GenAiA talking about Stratio Generative AI Data Fabric and reviewing the progress of the different working groups.

23 February


Pablo Hidalgo; AI-focused Solutions Architect and Generative AI Association expert shared: “Approaching Text-to-SQL: Strategies and Best Practices”
Oscar Méndez Soto, GenAiA President; shared “Regulatory system and ethics in the AI ecosystem”
Pedro Llamas Flores, presented Oracle’s value proposition on GenAI; OCI Generative AI Service.

25 January


Carlos Rodríguez Abellán, Generative AI Association expert shared some of the experience Fujitsu is gaining in GenAI by sharing a use case and discussed some considerations to take into account when putting projects of this nature into production.
Javier Martinez, from Google Cloud, talked about their strategy in the field of Generative AI, focused on the Enterprise environment.

14 December


Presentation “Generative AI and language: challenges and opportunities for LLMs” by Elena González-Blanco Head of aI at Microsoft.
Afterwards, the presentation of the new members and experts took place and we ended the meeting with the presentation by Carlos Picazo – Head of Solutions at Adobe: “GenAI at the service of creativity and marketing in a business environment”.

29 November


A launch event where Carmen Vidal Gil Executive VP and Oscar Méndez Soto, President of GenAiA welcomed the members and experts of the association and introduced its objectives, mission and values.