What we do

Generative AI Association (GENAIA) is an open, non-profit and self-sufficient organization.

We are organised around working groups dedicated to each of the foundational objectives of the association and the needs of our associates, to respond efficiently to the rapid changes produced by Generative AI. 

Communication pillars

  • Foundations and Emerging Technologies of Generative AI
  • Adoption, Organisation, and Management of Generative AI talent in the enterprise
  • Use Cases and New Business Models
  • Regulation, Alignment, Ethics, and Control of Generative AI
  • Society and Democracy

Action modes

  • Identify and Share
  • Encourage a Debate
  • From Thought to Action
  • Impact with Responsibility

Promote and measure an ethical use of AI and in accordance with ESG objectives. To this end, an Assessment AI ethical and AI use for ESG is developed. 

AI will transform the jobs. Workers will need support and retraining. We will work with educational institutions and companies to ease the transition an safeguard and the most impacted workers. 

The Association will influence the creation of a legal framework that favors the interests of our associates, while preserving a ethical use of Generative AI. 

Promote female participation in all aspects and applications of AI and Generative AI technology.